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Training Plan

Under Section 67 of the Local Government and Elections (Wales) Act the Town Council has a duty to consider training for councillors and staff and to publish these training plans.

The purpose of the training plan is to ensure that Councillors and the Clerk together have the knowledge and awareness needed for the Council to operate effectively. Not all Councillors and Clerk need to have received the same training and developed the same expertise.

There are core areas to be addressed in order to ensure that the Council has sufficient skills and understanding. These are:

  • A module for new councillors;

  • The Code of Conduct for members of local authorities in Wales;

  • Financial management and governance.

All Councillors will be offered the opportunity to attend relevant training and development opportunities. One Voice Wales provides monthly information on its courses, and these are distributed to all members of the Town Council. Courses are offered online and are available in Welsh and English. All Councillors receive the latest version of the 'Good Councillor's Guide' published by the Welsh Government and they should familiarise themselves with its contents. In addition, the Clerk will have the opportunity to attend courses offered by the Clerks' Association (SLCC) and the Clerk's membership of the SLCC will be paid for by the Town Council.

The Town Council will allocate funding annually to ensure that Councillors and the Clerk are able to attend training courses, conferences and events in the sector.

The Clerk will be responsible for:

  • circulating any information about suitable courses and suggest relevant courses to Council members

  • keeping a record of the courses attended annually


  • New Councillors - to attend the One Voice Wales new Councillors module within a year of their election

  • Ideally all Councillors should attend a One Voice Wales Code of Conduct training module - within two years of their election.

  • Encouragement for all Councillors to attend appropriate One Voice Wales courses

  • The Council's new Chair and Vice-chair – to attend One Voice Cymru Chairing Skills module – within a year of their election

  • New Chair and Vice-chair of the Finance, Policy and Management Committee - Module 21 One Voice Wales Local Government Finance - within a year of their election

  • Clerk - Continuing Professional Training - attending conferences, seminars, training courses, sector events - every year as required

Reviewed, adopted and approved by Criccieth Town Council 12 December 2023